Advertising Photography Behind the Scenes | Pirima Plastic

Advertising Photography Behind the Scenes | Pirima Plastic

Located in the heart of Business Bay, Dubai, our Photography studio offers a wide range of services, including photography and videography. We take pride in our creativity and professionalism, serving a diverse clientele across the Middle East and beyond. One of our most successful projects was an advertising photography campaign for Pirima Plastic, and we are thrilled to share our journey with you.

The Challenge of Transparency:

In 2018, we were honored with the task of capturing the essence of Pirima Plastic’s innovative Plastic Disposable containers. While equipped with our trusted Canon 5D Mark II camera and Sigma Prime Lenses, we encountered a unique challenge – the transparency of the product. Transparent objects often present a hurdle in photography, with reflections and lighting intricacies demanding careful consideration.

Technical Arsenal:

We relied on the powerful Canon 5D Mark II camera to overcome the transparency challenge for its clarity and precision. The Sigma Prime Lenses provided the perfect focal length, capturing the intricate details of Pirima Plastic’s products. Illuminating our subjects was made possible with the Godox Studio Flash QT 600, ensuring every nuance was highlighted with finesse.

Planning and Creativity:

Our journey began with a familiar tool in our creative process – Pinterest. Crafting a mood board became the cornerstone of our planning, offering a visual roadmap that aligned our vision with the expectations of Pirima Plastic. This collaborative effort paved the way for a seamless execution of the advertising campaign.

Triumph Through Dedication:

The transparency challenge became an opportunity for innovation. Our team dedicated themselves to finding the perfect lighting angles, experimenting with diffusers, and fine-tuning camera settings. The result was a series of images that not only met but exceeded our team’s expectations and Pirima Plastic’s expectations.

Success Unveiled:

The Canon 5D Mark II and Sigma Prime Lenses worked harmoniously to capture the brilliance of Pirima Plastic’s products. The Godox Studio Flash QT 600 emerged as the hero in conquering the transparency challenge, resulting in a collection of images that marked this project as one of our most successful advertising photography endeavors.


At our Photography Studio, we thrive on challenges, turning them into opportunities to showcase our dedication and creativity. The Pirima Plastic Advertising Photography project is a shining example of what happens when passion meets precision. Look no further if you’re looking for photography and videography services that exceed expectations. Contact Us to embark on a visual journey that captures the essence of your brand with brilliance.