first experience of photographing large industrial machines

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Until that day, I did not have the experience of photographing heavy industrial machinery. One day, a client called me and said there were some industrial machines that we wanted to photograph. In short, I went there and I was very surprised when I saw the machines because these plastic injection machines were very big and I wanted to take pictures of them for the first time.

Heavy industrial machinery

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I took one of my friends named Ali with me to help me. It took about 10 hours and when I took the photos in Photoshop and worked on them, I saw how good the photos were and I realized that I know reflexes very well and the difficulty of this project was that in addition to the fact that industrial machines are very large, the body material of These machines were made of several different materials, most of which were reflective metal. You can see some of them here. The first experience of industrial photography of large industrial machinery