Introducing Our Photography Pricing for 2024

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Our 2024 Dubai Photoshoot Prices Reflect Our Expertise and Experience

A new year marks the start of a new photographic adventure — filled with a myriad of opportunities and untold stories. Here at Masoud Rauofi Photography, we work tirelessly to deliver images of the highest possible quality. But we can’t keep exceeding the expectations of our clients without investing in the latest equipment, software, and studio facilities.

Our photography pricing in 2024 remains affordable and highly competitive within the UAE. And while you might notice a difference or two, you’re still guaranteed the expertise, creativity, and commitment that has made us one of the leading photography studios in Dubai.

If you want a detailed breakdown of our photography and videography pricing for 2024, head to our dedicated page. But if you want to learn about the issues that include our photoshoot prices, read on!

Issues That Influence Dubai Photography Pricing in 2024

We understand that we’re not the cheapest photography and videography company in Dubai — but we believe we’re the best.

Our clients are businesses and entrepreneurs trying to keep their costs low, so we’re doing everything we can to keep our 2024 photography pricing as low as possible. However, we’ll never compromise on quality, and we’ll never rush our tried-and-tested processes.

While we offer fixed costs for standard shoots in our Dubai photography studio, there are times when we have to create custom quotes. For particularly complex or time-consuming shoots, our advertised 2024 photography prices can increase in line with the project’s requirements.

When we’re determining Dubai photographer prices, we take a few issues into account.


Our photographers have spent years delivering premium images within their specialist industries. Whether we’re delivering high-quality images for e-commerce product descriptions or fashion magazines, we draw upon many years of experience to ensure the images we create resonate with target audiences. Our 2024 photography prices reflect this.

Shoot Location

We’ve worked hard to keep our photography pricing in 2024 as low as possible. However, when we have to leave our fully equipped Dubai photography studio for a shoot, we incur a range of additional costs. This is why our prices increase when we have to work on location or outdoors.

Project Scale

In most cases, we consider a standard photography project as one that involves no more than 30 images. Where more images are required, the logistics of a shoot or complex, or specialized equipment is needed, we consider these projects as large-scale tasks. Our standard photography pricing in 2024 is based on in-studio shoots that don’t involve additional equipment or services. If your project is particularly large or complicated, we’ll create a custom quote for you.

Your Requirements

Perhaps you need us to showcase a model with a range of props. Maybe you need a particular backdrop or setting. We’ll discuss your requirements in detail before creating a custom quote that reflects the project’s complexities.

Specialized Equipment

Occasionally, we may need to source and acquire specialized equipment to capture the images you need. If this is the case, we’ll let you know as soon as possible — and price the project accordingly.

Post-Production and Editing

While we use a combination of experience, extensive expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment during shoots, we usually need to add the finishing touches during a post-production process. We utilize cutting-edge hardware and software to ensure our images are crystal clear and reflect your preferred style.

Videography Pricing in 2024

We plan and create a range of video presentations designed to showcase brands, services, and products. Our videos enhance websites, build brands, communicate company principles, and attract attention on social media. But no two projects are the same, which is why our videography pricing in 2024 reflects the scale of the task.

Several issues influence our videography prices in Dubai, including the location, duration, shooting complexity, and the work required in post-production. But we’ll be open and transparent at all times. We’ll create a package that covers all your requirements, and we’ll inform you immediately should the project incur additional costs.

Let’s Talk About Custom Photography Pricing in 2024

Check out our photography Pricing page for a flavor of our standard prices in 2024. Or if you require a custom quote, reach out for an informal chat.