Masoud Raoufi

Founder, Manager | Commercial and Industrial Photographer

Masoud Raoufi is a talented photographer and entrepreneur known for his exceptional work in the photography industry. He was born on August 7th, 1989, in Tehran, Iran, and grew up in Ahwaz, south of Iran. From an early age, Masoud showed an interest in visual content and music, and as a teenager, he began taking photos and editing them.

Masoud earned a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, but his passion for photography led him to launch his portfolio website in 2013, where he started with just 25 frame photos. Today, Masoud’s website features over 1600 frames of top-level photo portfolio, showcasing his exceptional work in various fields such as professional photography, advertising photography, industrial photography, and product photography.

Masoud’s skills are not limited to photography alone. He is proficient in various software programs, including Photoshop, video editing, SEO, and WordPress. He is particularly skilled in industrial heavy machinery photography, which he has gained extensive experience in over 12 years in the industry.

Currently, Masoud is the founder and senior photographer of Masoud Raoufi Photography Services LLC. He has recently moved to Dubai to continue his career and expand his business.

In his free time, Masoud enjoys listening to music and exploring new ways to improve his photography skills. His passion and dedication to his craft have earned him a reputation as one of the most talented photographers in the industry.

Masoud Raoufi, Professional Photographer
Masoud Raoufi, Professional Photographer
Masoud Raoufi, Professional Photographer

He is a professional photographer

He has been photographing professionally for 12 years. He is proficient in different genres of photography.

he is excellent at website Search Engine Optimization

When you see this page now, it means that he knows his job very well in SEO.

He is an experienced photoshop user

He learned Photoshop by himself and edited all the photos he took with Photoshop from the first day.

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