EMERGENCY ROOM Takes on the Runway at DFW 2024

EMERGENCY ROOM Takes on the Runway at DFW 2024



Our team members consisting of Farbod Jafarpor as the Art Director, Mahdi Ghanad as a Professional Videographer, and Mahru Farokh as the Project Manager were present among the Event Photographers and professional Event Videographers covering the runway of fashion designer FAD DUBAI on the fourth day of Dubai Fashion Week, which took place on February 7th, 2024. EMERGENCY ROOM was established by Eric Mathieu Ritter in the vibrant city of Beirut back in 2018. It came into existence with an understanding that the fashion industry was at a critical juncture, demanding both urgency and innovation. Our mission is not only to redefine fashion but also to revolutionize it. We are proud to be pioneers in Lebanon, where we combine sustainable style with unapologetic creativity. Our unique upcycling approach sets us apart as pioneers in the GCC region. Dubai Fashion Week is an eagerly awaited event that brings together designers, models, fashion enthusiasts, and industry professionals worldwide. The event garners global attention and serves as a platform for Dubai's fashion industry to showcase its exceptional talent to the world. As photographers and videographers, our aim was to capture the energy, beauty, and artistry that defined the event and to showcase the latest fashion trends to the world. The show was held at D3, the Dubai Design District, a vibrant community committed to promoting the growth of the fashion, design, and luxury sectors in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.






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