Behind the Lens Piruna Cosmetic Product Photography

Behind the Lens Piruna Cosmetic Product Photography

Here in the heart of Dubai, our team at Dubai’s Premier Photography Studio thrives on bringing brands to life through professional photography and videography. During our journey in the Middle East, we had the pleasure of collaborating with numerous clients. However, our work with Piruna Cosmetics in 2015 was a memorable project. Piruna Cosmetics is a prominent Korean beauty brand.

The Challenge: Illuminating Translucent Beauty

Piruna entrusted us with capturing the essence of their exquisite cosmetic products. However, a unique challenge awaited us: transparency. Highlighting these translucent products’ delicate textures and vibrant colors required meticulous planning and execution.

Planning with Inspiration: The Power of Mood Boards

As always, we began by immersing ourselves in Piruna Cosmetics. We used Pinterest to curate a mood board, gathering visual inspiration matching the brand’s aesthetic and desired product portrayal. This collaborative process ensured we were all on the same page and had a clear vision for the outcome.

Tools of the Trade: Unveiling the Perfect Shot

Armed with our vision, we meticulously selected the ideal equipment to bring it to life. Our Canon 5D Mark II camera, paired with the Canon 100mm Macro L lens, allowed for sharp, detailed close-up shots that showcased the products’ intricate details. For lighting, we utilized the reliable combination of Hensel Studio Flash and Canon Speedlite 430 EX II, with PocketWizard ensuring seamless communication between them.

Overcoming Transparency: A Play of Light and Shadow

The true magic, however, unfolded in our approach to lighting. We experimented with various techniques to balance the need for clear product visibility with the desire to highlight the products’ delicate nature. By playing with soft lighting, strategic shadows, and subtle reflections, we achieved a captivating and informative look.

A Story of Success: A Project to be Proud of

The final results exceeded our expectations, surpassing our creative vision and Piruna’s initial brief. The campaign imagery resonated with regional audiences, solidifying Piruna’s position as a premium beauty brand. To this day, this project remains a personal favorite, a testament to our dedication to innovation and relentless pursuit of capturing the essence of every brand we collaborate with.

Beyond the Photography: A Message to Aspiring Creatives

As professional photographers, true success lies in understanding the brand’s story and translating it into captivating visuals. Our experience with Piruna Cosmetics underscores the importance of meticulous planning, creative problem-solving, and a healthy dose of experimentation. If you’re an aspiring photographer, challenge yourself, embrace inspiration, and never stop pushing the boundaries of your creativity.